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Funny Sound And Audio Clips

Sound Clips Index
   Be-Nong-Maschendrathzaun - song
   Big one - song
   Bill clinton - barbie girl
   Bill clinton - american pie
   Bill clinton - Bimbo number 5
   Cheech maria - thong song
   oj balled
   Hummergirls (LFO - Summergirls Parody)
   Tai Mai Shu - Freestyle
   Make my boobies one more size
   I hope you never know
   1 adam 5
   Everything is gone, 2 years of my life
   Radio announcment
   Computor idiot
   Answering machine
   Horrible laugh
   Delta airlines
   No sale
   political speech
   Answer machine recording
   Scooby doo
   Support your local police
   Hot tub stinky
   Don't know
   20 dates at the oval office
   Computor support
   bum bum song

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