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Outdated Content

Past Life Finder

This is actually prety good page only downside is that I could not get it working in a few modern browsers, it still works in internet explorer but not in firefox or chrome although not tested all versions. tried to fix it but I think I messed up the script years ago amd would suck way too much time ( I already tried for a few hours) as I am no javascript expert
Daily Horoscopes
weekly Horoscopes

not much to say about these, just not updated since 2001
Trivia Games
Weekly Quiz

I may fix these one day but at momant the script that originally ran it I lost and not had it working in years. youc an still see the trivia games though just not know if your answers are right
Send a Post Code

Used to be very popular back int he day, again down to script not running with no quick intentions to get it working again.
News Feeds
Karaoke players

These parts used thirdparty content thats no longer availble, well actually some of the new feeds still work but its not worth updating rest to make them work, good idea in the year 2000. the karaoke players actually were awsome not seen anything on the net liek them since but the company that provided them went bust a great many years ago now
Mobile Tones

These were once some of the hottest pages on the internet, you used to be able to code your own ring tones on phones (well you still probably can but who would bother) but these tones are all for phoens that were out 12 years ago, I doubt anyone in world still uses one of them and thus this has to some of the most irrelvant pages on the internet.
There is many other things that no longer really relevant to the site or no longer get updated such as:

Daily Quick Joke
Weekly Long Joke
Dail Pun
Weekly Quiz
Daily Qoutes

not linkt he above here because the contents can be found arcived in other parts of site as whiel not updated anymore its still relevant to others and people still look at them.

There is parts of the site that have bitten the dust and can no longer be accessed.

Mail Lists

These used to have thousands of users back in the day and in soem cases content all lost, the mail lists have not been active in many years but at one point I had 100k subscribers which was alot back in the year 2000. shame I stoppe dupdating the site back then.

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