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Your Jokes 252

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The pope landed at the airport and ran out and got in a taxi. He told the driver to please hurry, because he was late for a very important meating, and he gave him the address.

The driver proceeds at the regular speed limit. The pope says, "I told you to step on it, I'm very late for a meeting!" The driver said, "I'm sorry, but I can't take a chance on getting a speeding ticket. I've already gotten my limit and if I get another one I'll lose my drivers license and can't drive a cab anymore." "Well then," says the pope. "You get back here and let me drive!" So they switched places and the pope started driving really fast. He ran every red light and stop sign. Soon a policeman pulls him over. The pope said to him, "I'm sorry officer, but I'm trying to get across town for an important meeting." The officer said, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't recognize you at first. Just follow me and I'll give you an escort."

With sirene screaming and the bubble gum machine popping, they roar through the city. Then the cop gets on his radio and calls headquarters and says to the dispatcher, "Help me clear the way, I'm escorting a very important man to his meeting." "Who is it," asked the dispatcher. "I don't know," replied the cop, "But the pope is driving him around!"

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