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Your Jokes 243

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three drunked friends an american a roussian and cypriot were drinking together at a moment the american says. you now gays in america we have airport so big that we land planes not only in the strip but also in the roof over them the roussian then says XAXAXAXA we have airport so big that we land planes in the strip on the roof and underground xaxaxaxaxa says the cypriot we have a man name john .in village Upriver who has a dick so big . that in order he dont drag along on the road he tide it up on his leg with this exsangerations the friends resite for the night in the follow morning at brecfast table the american says shyly you know gays last night exxxxx i exangerate a litle of cource we have large airports but the roof thing was a lie the roussian relieved says he did it too the cypriot thoughtfully says yes i lied also the others smile because they wait now for him to say is not possible for someone to have a dick so big so the cypriot says to them the jonh dont live in Upriver but Downriver

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