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Your Jokes 213

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There are three girls, a red-head, a blonde, and a brunett. They're car runs out of fuel in the middle of a farm at three in the morning. They begin walking to the nearest shelter. They come to a barn and the farmers house. The girls do not want to wake the farmer, so they go to the barn and fall asleep in the hay. Suddenly, the girls hear the door open. It is the farmer and his son. "Who is trespassing in my barn?" The girls get scared and quickly hide in three potato sacks. The farmer says, "Son, go kick those sacks to see what is in them." The son walks up to the first bag. It is the brunett. The brunett thinks to herself, "I know what I'll do!" The son kicks the bag. The girl says "Woof, Woof!" The son says to his dad, "Ah, pa, that's jest a bunch o' puppies." The son walks up to the next bag. The red-head says "Meow!" The son says, "Ah pa, that's jest a bunch o' kitties." The son walks up to the next bag. The blonde thinks "Oh! I know what I! 'll do!" The son kicks the bag and the blonde says, "potatoes!!!!"

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