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Your Jokes 172

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there was this blonde, and she had just got a new sports car, so she decides to take it out driving. while shes driving she cuts off this trucker. the trucker gets so mad, he motions for her to pull over. so they both pull over and get out of there cars, but the trucker brings a piece of chalk with him. the trucker draws a circle on the ground with the chalk and says "get in that circle and dont move!!!!". so she gets in the circle and doesnt move. when the trucker sees her in it, he pulls out his knife, and slashes the seats to the little sports car. he looks back at the blonde and shes giggling. this kind of confuses the trucker so he goes on. so he goes and slashes the tires to the sports car. he looks back and shes giggling even HARDER. the trucker say "you think thats funny? watch this!". with that he went and broke out all of the windows to the sports car. by this time the blonde is laughing, the trucker says "you aint seen nothin yet!". so he walks back to his! truck, gets a gas can, pours it all over the car, lights a match, and blows up the sports car. he looks back at the blonde and now shes laughing her head off!!! the trucker gets super mad and yells "WHATS SO FUNNY?!?!?". with a hysterical laugh the blonde replies, "while you werent watching, i stepped out of the circle 4 times!!!"

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