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Your Jokes 171

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There was a boy named Johnny whom wanted something very bad. He told his mother this and she replied, "if you want something ask the Lord". Hearing this, the boy rushed to his room and started writing a letter to the Lord.In the letter he said that he had been a good boy.Knowing that the Lord knew if he was telling the truth or not he crossed out what he had wrote.So he tried a different approch.He wrote that he was trying to be a good boy.Knowing that this also is not true he crossed that out too.With anger he tore up the letter and went into the basement.In the basement there was a small statue of the Virgin Mary which Johnny's mother told him never to touch. Not knowing what else to do, Johnny grabbed the statue, wrapped a towel around it, and put it in the bottom of his closet.Then, he started a new letter to the Lord which said the following: Dear Lord, if you ever want to see your mother again you will get me what I want.

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