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Your Jokes 119

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A little boy was out walking his brand new red wagon. He was too young to cross the street, so he was only allowed to walk around the block. There was a church on his block and when he walked in front of the church, he saw the priest sitting on steps. As he passed the priest, all four wheels on his wagon just popped off and the little boy said "I'll be dammed!". The preist said, "Son, don't say that! Say, Praise the lord!".

The little boy looked at the priest with the kind of look that said, uhuh and put his wheels back on his wagon and continued on his way. When he returned to the same spot, all four wheels popped off again! The boy said "Praise the... I'll be dammed!". Once again, the priest sitting outside said "Son, I told you once, don't say that! Say, Praise the Lord!".

The little boy puts his wheels back on once again and walks around the block. Well, in the same spot, all four wheels pop off once again and the boy says "I'll be dam... Praise the Lord!" Well, all four wheels pop right back on by themselves and the priest sitting outside says "I'll be dammed!".

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