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Your Jokes 112

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There was a couple that had just gotten married. They spent their honeymoon night in a hotel having sex. When they were done, the guy gets up and throws the condom out the window. The wife wanted more,and she told him to go downstairs and get the condom so they could continue. As the man did, he was naked, and went into the bushes desperately looking for the condom. He heard something and looked up, and saw a little boy holding it, and the man told him to give it back. The boy refused, so the man negotiated that he would give him a thousand dollars if he could have the condon back. So they traded, the man ran upstairs and continued having sex with his wife. And the little boy ran home, burst through the door, and yelled, "Mommy, mommy, I just sold a twinke for 1'000 dollars, and you know the best part? I sucked the cream filling out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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