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Your Jokes 1

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The cowboy and the Lamp

This cowboy, wondering lost across the prarrie, finds a magic lamp. He picks it up and rubs the dirt off of it. A Gene pops out and will grant him 3 wishes. The cowboy thinks for a second, then he says, "Hey, Gene, I would appreciate a horse, and not just any horse. I want the finest horse and gold riveted saddle in all the world." the Gene thinks to himself, well this isn't too unusual, a cowboy, a horse and saddle. POOF! there was his horse. Then the cowboy says,"I want a case of the finest whiskey in the world." the Gene thinks, well horse, saddle whiskey cowboy, this all seems right. POOF! there was his whiskey. Then the cowboy stated,"And for my 3rd wish, I want a little chipmunk." The Gene thinks, well that just doesn't fit. The Gene had to ask,"Cowboy, I understand the horse and saddle, and the case of whiskey, but tell me, WHY ON EARTH DOES A COWBOY WANT A CHIPMUNK!? The cowboy, who had just polished off his first fifth of whiskey simply said,"Whenz I finish my case of whisskey, and I ridez off into da sunshet, I will need that little chimimunk to set on my saddle and click to my horse and makez him go."

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