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Polish Jokes 99

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The Polish government was tired of being the brunt of so many jokes about their stupidity so they decided to start a building project to prove that they weren't as dumb as the rest of the world made them out to be. "Gentlemen," said the Minister of Public Works, "we have decided that we can prove to the world that we aren't as dumb as the world says we are by building the world's largest suspension bridge!" The assembly 'oohed' and 'ahhed' with appreciation. "But to REALLY show our intellectual superiority, we are going to build it in the most conspicuous and difficult place on Earth--the Sahara Desert!" Suddenly the assemblage erupted in mass confusion. Everyone was shouting, and slapping the Minister of Public Works on the back. They all agreed that this would settle this stupidity issue once and for all. And so they commenced to building. Several months passed before the goverment council reconvened. The Minister of Public Works sadly took the pulpit. "As you have no doubt heard gentlemen, the suspension bridge construction project is an unmitigated disaster. The world is laughing even harder at us than ever before. We shall have to destroy it." The Minister of Foreign Relations asked for the floor. "I'm sorry to report this, gentlemen, but we cannot destroy the bridge." Once again the government council broke out into mass confusion. Shouts of consternation were heard on every tongue. Finally, the hubbub died down enough for the Minister of Foreign Relations to be heard. "I know, I know," he cried, "but we just cannot get it torn down. Every crew we have sent there winds up fishing off of the side!"

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