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Polish Jokes 121

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For five years, two Poles and an Italian have worked side by side every day as window washers, and every night after work they stopped for a drink. One day, disaster struck, and the Italian fell to his death. The police came to the site and began asking questions. "Where does he live?" The Poles shrugged their shoulders. "Is he married?" The Poles didn't know. "What is his NAME?" The Poles shrugged again. "You worked with this guy for five years and you don't know anything about him?" the cop asked. "I know something about him," one Polak volunteered. "He has two assholes." "What are you talking about?" said the cop. "Well," said the Polak, "Whenever we go for a drink after work the bartended says, 'Here comes the dago with the two assholes.'"

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