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Polish Jokes 120

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Two Poles, Markowski and Krachevski go to France on a pleasure trip. They meet this Frenchman called Jean Paul and become good pals. Jean Paul finds these two Poles some- what amusing and so he goes all out to make them happy. He treats them at pubs, bars, discotheques.... This goes on for a while until one fine day Jean Paul does not turn up. The Poles assume that some important work would have held him up and do not take a serious note of it. But, perhaps something was serious as Jean Paul does not turn up for next five days at a stretch. At this the Poles get alarmed and go to the police station to lodge a report. The inspector asks them to give details of the person who's missing. The following conversation follows: Markowski: Well, his name is Jean Paul. Inspector: It's a very common name in France. Something more please. Krachevski: Well, he is very tall. Inspector: Most of the people in France are tall. Big deal. Markowski: Well, he's got blue eyes. Inspector: Oh! no. Something more substantial. Krachevski: I got it. This is slightly uncommon. I'm sure now you shall be able to track him. You see, He's got two holes in his ass. Inspector: (shocked): Well, well, that's curious. Are you sure? Krachevski: Ya! Ya! Inspector: Are you definitely sure that this very personal info you have is CORRECT? Krachevski: Most certainly. Inspector (still skeptical): But how're you so sure? Krachevski: Simple. Whenever we used to go with him to the bar, everyone used to greet him as "Here comes Jean Paul with two ass-holes."

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