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Polish Jokes 114

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Kowalski and Lisjewski are hard at work cleaning out the sewer on a sweltering day in July, beneath the streets of the Bronx. Kowalski says, "I really hate this crummy smelly job shovellin' shit!" Lisjewski says, "Yuh! Me too, I hate it." K says, "How come you and me is down here underground shovellin' shit and breakin' our backs, when Rafaelli is up there sittin' in the truck with the air-conditioner on, smokin' cigarettes and readin' the newspaper? That's what I'd like to know!" L says, "Yuh! How come izzat?" K says, "You know what I'm gonna do? I'm going up there and I'm gonna say that to Rafaelli just like I said it to you, and then we'll see what he's got to say." L says, "Yuh, go up there and ask 'im what you said." So K brushes the scuzz off his pants, and climbs up the ladder to the street and goes over to the truck, and motions Rafaelli to come out. R says, "Whattayou want, Kowalski? And hurry up, it's hot out here." K says, "Well, I just wanna know one thing, Rafaelli. Howcum me 'n' Lisjewski is down there underground shovellin' shit, and yer up here in the air-conditionin', smokin' cigarettes all day? How come?" R smiles and says, "Is that all you wanted to know? That's real easy, Kowalski." He holds his hand out in front of the heavy iron truck bed and says, "OK, Kowalski, hit my hand real hard." K unloads a huge haymaker and, of course, R pulls his hand away quickly. K smashes his fist against the truck. OK, Kowalski," says R, "*That's* the reason why I get to stay up here in the truck, and you and L gotta shovel shit in the sewer. Do you get it now?" K nods and returns to the ladder, rubbing his hand. When he gets back down into the tunnel, L is waiting for him - "What'd he say, Kowalski? How come izzit that Rafaelli gets to sit up there in the truck, and we gotta come down here and shovel shit?" K says, "I don't know if you're gonna be able to understand this but I'll try to explain it just like Rafaelli told me. Now... hit my hand real hard..." and Kowalski holds his hand up in front of his face....

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