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Polish Jokes 102

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There was once a Polak who was extremely sad with life because people always made fun of him. He decided to do something about it. He sat back and thought about it. Suddenly he thought - "I have never seen anyone making fun of Italians. So, if I start talking and behaving like them, no one will be able to make out that I am Polish and make fun of me." He went into isolation for three months and after a lot of practice, he walked confidently into a shop and said, "I am a very hungry. Give me some pepperoni and zucchini." Immediately, the man behind the counter said "Are you a Polak?" This guy was taken aback and he repeated his request. The man behind the counter said, "Are you a Polak or not?" This man was finally very ashamed and amazed at the shop owner's discerning ability and so he admitted to the fact after which he asked, "But how did you know?" The shopkeeper replied, "This is a hardware store!"

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