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Old people Jokes 2

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How about the aged couple (mid to late 60"s) that decide to get married after losing their respective spouses to death, and then move to Florida. As they are are talking through the sharing of household expenses and other miscellaneous things (they're) both relatively well off with each one having retirement income), Jane asks Harold what they should do about their own houses."Well, we ought to each sell our homes and then we can each put half the purchase price into our new home." Harold then asks Jane what she'd like to do about the grocery bills and she says "Neither one of us eats very much, so maybe we ought to split that bill on a monthly basis." to which she agrees. Then what about the utility bill? Same sharing response. Then Jane asks Harold what he wants to do about the sex thing, and he replies "Oh, infrequently" and she says "Harold, was that one or two words?"

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