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Music Jokes 25

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A colleague of mine played in an "auditions only" orchestra in high school, and one of the pieces that they played was the William Tell Overture. This is well known as the music for the Lone Ranger, the bit with the brassy trumpet fanfare was used for that TV show back in th 60s. Well, the Overture actually does not begin with the trumpets. It begins with a *beautiful* cello solo, which lasts for exactly 13 measures of 4 counts each. The trumpets regularly missed their queue and came in either early or late, slaughtering the piece. One day in rehearsal, the director decided to have the trumpets count out loud, just to make sure they were actually counting. So the cello plays... [insert cello music here] And the trumpets count [One,2,3,4,Two,2,3,4. . .] And the cello continues to play... [more cello music] While the trumpets count [Eight,2,3,4,Nine,2,3,4. . .] And the cello finishes [insert director waving arms madly at trumpets to come in *now*] While the idiot trumpets continue to count [Fourteen,2,3,4,Fifteen,2,3,4...]

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