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Music Jokes 22

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An organist was out on the town and came across a new club. He entered, and the manager greeted him and told him about the "progressive format." "You see, we have several different rooms here. On the door of each you will see a number. That number is the average IQ of the people inside." The organist thinks this is a wonderful idea, and soon finds Room 150. Inside is a brass quintet discussing brass quintet things, favorite composers, favorite instruments, and the like. The organist had just finished a concert with a brass quintet and was in no mood for more. He walked down the hall and found Room 100. Inside was a symphony orchestra holding a convention on who the greatest conductor of all time is. Since organists don't usually need conductors, he left. Next was Room 60. Inside was Philip Glass and John Cage. The organist did not stay very long at all (though Glass and Cage were inspired by the slamming door). At the very end of the hall was a battered old door with beer bottles, needles, and other detritus. But the organist was bored and decides that it's worth a shot. Inside are two punk-looking guys sitting on two stools in an otherwise empty room. One punk says to the other: "So, what kind of sticks do you use?"

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