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Giraffe Jokes 2

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In the summer of 1993, Rob and Jason, worked in a Tarzan show at Silver Springs (an attraction in Florida). The show was near a "petting zoo" area which house goats, deer, and giraffes. The giraffes aways leaning over the fence to eat goodies that the tourists held-up for the giraffes to get. One day, Rob and Jason heard this screaming noise over in the petting area. Apparently, a man was walking away from the giraffes and he dropped something. When he bent over to retrieve it two things happened: 1) he exposed a portion of his backside (commonly called "plumber's butt") and 2) one of the giraffes decided this was some sort of food offering and bent down to lick it up. When the man felt the giraffe's long wet tongue sliding down his crack, he stood up and started screaming. This caused his cheeks to pinch the giraffe's tongue. This caused the giraffe to panic and it started screaming (sort of) also. Rob and Jason heard the noise and looked over to see the man standing with the giraffe's tongue coming out of the back of his pants. Several people rushed over and eventually freed both man and giraffe.

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