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Animal Jokes 19

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There was once a young man. He had lived in a large city all his life and was sick of it! He decided to move to the country. Maybe even start a farm. But the only thing that could have stopped him was he didn't know a damn thing about animals. So, when he arrived to a peaceful little village in the country, he bought land for a farm. He went to a local farmer to start his farm.
He asked the farmer, "What do you call this animal?"
The farmer replied, "That's a rooster, but I call it a Cock."
"OK," he said, "I'll take it."
Then he went up to a different animal and asked what it was again.
The farmer replied, "That's a pig, but I call it a Pullet."
The young man also purchased that animal. He decided to get one more animal for the day. He went up to a larger animal and asked again what it was.
The farmer replied in the same way, "That's a donkey, but I call it an Ass."
"OK, thank you very much," the young man said.
He left happily down the winding dirt road, with his 3 animals, toward his farm. But on the way, the mosquitoes were unbearable to his donkey. He knew he had to help it out, but if he did, his other 2 animals would run away.
So then, the young man asked a traveler coming down the road, "Would you hold my COCK and PULLET, while I scratch my ASS?"

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