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All files are in zip files

Link to downloadDescription File size

9 coronas - really funny song
667 kb

water - makes your screen look like water
24 kb

alien - the alien zaps people
139 kb

Magnifier - magnify glass
113 kb

thief - Jesus is watching you (funny cartoon)
463 kb

Monday sucks - song about mondays
318 kb

Flaming Poo
244 kb

happy - this is pretty stupid
91 kb

Crazy Keyboard
153 kb

Mice - the mice turn off your computor
198 kb

Vote - vote if you can
5 kb

Sleaze test -Are you sleazy?
141 kb

Snow globe
158 kb

204 kb

Fish - play nice with this fish
245 kb

Farts - loads of differt kind
482 kb

Ha Ha - not much to say
6 kb

csa bag - allows you to make funny things
99 kb

Catch me
98 kb

Win Pen
161 kb

152 kb

Csrs - Place this download on friends computor
160 kb

Swat the fly
88 kb

Men and women
149 kb

908 kb

trick - pretends to delete hard drive
10 kb

whip the worker
480 kb

Mad cow disease
215 kb

after marriage
529 kb

bake beans
262 kb

Beer - how drunk are you?
95 kb

Bad coffee
154 kb

Crazy - changes mouse setting
41 kb

Million dollars
83 kb

Meaning of life
81 kb

Stress sign
43 kb

Mona Lisa
41 kb

Upside down screen
3 kb

April fools
126 kb

beer tend
141 kb

The whiner
237 kb

Hypnotise wheel
12 kb

Screen shooter
33 kb

Karma zootra
738 kb

e sheep
114 kb

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