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Daily Joke Archives

April 2001

DateJoke Title

Milk Bath

Dogs and Men

How to Remain Insane at the Workplace

Senior Accountant

We're Not in Arkansas Anymore

The Shakes

Deathbed Confession

Ways to Annoy Your Public Bathroom Stallmate

Not Crabs

You've Heard of Designated Drivers, Well...

Ice Fisher

Pennies and Seconds

Cruel Professor

Age Verification

Top 10 things Not To Say To A Cop when you get pulled over

Keep the Motor Running

Jokes by number

In-flight Humor

The Ugly Son

Bowl of Chile

Barracks Humor

Things To Do On an Elevator

Desperate for a Drink

Wedding Pranks

Bad Day

Lollipop salesman

Bad Diagnosis

Black Box

One Day at 20 Feet Below Sea Level

What's in the Pocket?

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