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N64 CHEATS (NBA Hangtime)
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Change Dennis Rodman's Hair Color

To change Rodman's hair, start the game as usual, but when you get to the time when you select your team, choose the Bulls and find a squad with Rodman in it. Once you have one, just press the pass button and his hair will change colors. Keep pressing pass and the hair keeps changing.

Multiple Player Duplicates

Enter this code and you access a duplicate, just enter the players last name and "0000" for the PIN number. For example, enter Pippen as your name and 0000 as your PIN to access the duplicate. This works numerous players players. Pippen (Scottie Pippen)
Rodman (Dennis Rodman)
Kemp (Shawn Kemp)
Ghill (Grant Hill)
Ahrdwy (Penny Hardaway)

Random Team select

Press up and turbo to random team select.

Sequence Codes

To access the following codes, enter the sequences below whenever the screen switches from team select to Tonight's Matchup. The code box should flash if you do them correctly.

Big Heads: Up, Turbo, and Pass at the same time
Shot Percentage: Rotate D-Pad clockwise starting with Up No Tag Arrow: Left, Left, Pass, Turbo
No Drift: Down, Down, Shoot, Turbo
No CPU Assistance: Hold Right (on the D-Pad) and press Pass, Pass Red, White & Blue Ball: Hold Right, press Shoot, Turbo, Pass

More Codes

025--Baby Mode
048--No Music
120--Fast Passes
284--Max Speed
390--No Pushing
461--Unlimited Turbo
552--Hyper Speed
709--Quick Hands
802--Maximum Power

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